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The Kain Placement Process rigorously examines the proven abilities of our candidates. We present only the strongest performers who are uniquely qualified to succeed with our clients. As your retained search firm, Kain Management Group is committed to finding the best professionals in your industry and placing them on your team.

Our Method

Our method for engaging you as a client combines our results-centric perspective with a proven methodology for analyzing the professional style that helps your top performers excel.


Kain Colasanto will meet with the hiring executive, board or search committee and all necessary members of the senior management team to understand the position specifications. When applicable, we will also interview and analyze top performers in your sales organization to help us pinpoint candidates that are uniquely suited to succeed in your firm.


Once we understand both your specific requirements and the unique professional attributes that lead to success in your firm, we will assemble a list of potential candidates. We do this by targeting candidates in similar organizations, accessing vast personal networks and proprietary databases, and searching published and on-line resources.

Focusing In

Kain Colasanto will approach potential candidates that match the profile for success. We will establish a dialogue and, through a series of in-depth interviews, evaluate the candidate’s accomplishments and professional style.


Kain Colasanto meets with each of the top candidates to confirm our original assessment. We spend as much time assessing the candidates’ personal style and career goals as we do understanding the attributes that lead to success in your organization. This assures that when the search is complete, we will have forged a “win” for both client and candidate.


Prior to introducing client and candidate, Kain Colasanto provides the client with a detailed candidate profile. These include a summary of accomplishments, compensation parameters, and a thorough analysis of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the unique attributes that lead to success at your company.


Before an offer is extended, we will talk in-depth with references to confirm the finalist’s accomplishments and professional style.

If building a high-performance organization is your top priority, you need a firm that has a track record of creating and managing winning teams.


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